[GO4GLOW]: Sheet mask shakedown: Sensitive/ irritated skin edition! Featuring For Beloved Girl, Shangpree and Leaders

Do you find your skin getting irritated from heat, exercise sweat, humidity, or pore-clogging products? I’ll make room for you on the boat. I’ve also tried out a bunch of sheet masks to see how effective they are in combating acne/ redness/ irritation and sensitivity in skin. Check it out here!

[GO4GLOW Review]: The indie Korean ‘makeup gripper’ that’s gripping women everywhere – J.One Jelly Pack and Sleeping Mask

The J.One Jelly Pack will leave you with soothed and bouncy skin, with a finish that is so dewy it’s shiny. If you’re looking to shortcut your way into dewy, healthy, and youthful skin, this is the way to go! And what did I think of the sleeping mask version of this baby? Find out here!