[GO4GLOW]: Sheet mask shakedown: Sensitive/ irritated skin edition! Featuring For Beloved Girl, Shangpree and Leaders

Do you find your skin getting irritated from heat, exercise sweat, humidity, or pore-clogging products? I’ll make room for you on the boat. I frequently get breakouts and hives from eating certain foods, staying outdoors too much, unpredictable weather, exercise, and dust.

While that undoubtedly sucks, don’t worry too much. Because I am a sheet mask fanatic, I have below a bunch of sheet masks I tried in the last 2 months during times of skin irritation, and I’ve reviewed them based on how effective they are in combating irritation/ bouts of acne and sensitivity.

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What I think makes a sheet mask for irritated skin an effective one: 

  • How soothing this mask feels on hot, bothered, irritated skin
  • Ability to reduce redness 
  • No alarming ingredients that might end up causing more irritation (eg. too much silicones, alcohol, or citrus extracts)
  • Bonus: Tightening pores and balancing skin 

1. For Beloved Girl Skin Renewal Mask – Cloud Silk Mask

Product description: (The version I tried was the “Ca” one, which is for skin with pore or acne issues.) Calcium lactate cleans pores. Contains roselle, rosehip, and viola tricolor extracts. Rich in various vitamins for deep cleansing.

Mask type: Super thin silky mask soaked in watery essence

Fit: Not bad!


  • Soothing? Very!
  • Does it reduce redness? Yes, my skin was bright and refreshed after using this.
  • Ingredients? Nothing shady. In fact, lots of AHAs and BHAs from flower extracts (hibiscus, rose, viola) and vitamin acids to clear blackheads and whiteheads, and address scarring issues.
  • Pore tightening? Yes
  • Balances skin? Yes, my skin felt less irritated after using this mask. I felt it went some way towards strengthening my skin barrier.

Suggested frequency of use: 1-2 times a week

Suitable for: Acne-prone, sensitive skin. This For Beloved Girl range (from Taiwanese parent brand For Beloved One) is catered towards younger teens too, so also suitable for skin flare ups due to puberty.

Price: $16 for a pack of 3; $6 per mask. Can be found at Sephora stores in Singapore.

Final rating: 4/5. Effects are good, but price is a bit steep (similar results can be achieved by cheaper masks). Will continue to repurchase though!

2. Reinplatz Aesthetic Edition: Intensive Nourishing Ginseng Berry Essence Mask

Product description: Containing Ginseng berry 8% & Panax Ginseng. A light and non-greasy daily use essence to keep your skin healthy and supple. Ginseng berry nourishes and moisturizes, while Panax Ginseng and oriental herbal ingredients protect the skin from pollution and dry weather.

Mask type: Cotton-cellulose mask with watery essence

Fit: A bit large, but workable


  • Soothing? Yes, very!
  • Does it reduce redness? Yes
  • Ingredients? So much YES for ginseng and herbs to soothe the face. 8% of panax ginseng is a bit less than I would hope for, but it is combined with extracts such as yeast, licorice, magnolia, chrysanthemum, and many others.
  • Pore tightening? Not really
  • Balances skin? Yes. My skin was still soothed and happy the next day.

Suggested frequency of use: This is a daily mask, so use it as often as you like!

Suitable for: Irritated skin and sensitive skin.

Glow tip: Since daily masks are usually less ‘intense’ than weekly ones, they are suitable for people who can’t stand ‘too much’ richness in their skincare.

Price: ~$3 per piece on Shopee.

Final rating: 4/5. There are a million daily masks out there, but this is one that I will reach for in times of need. Will repurchase.

3. Shangpree Green Tea Mask

Product description: Rich in antioxidants, Green Tea helps minimise pores and protect skin from free radical damage for a healthier, youthful appearance. It soothes skin irritation and inflammation, which is ideal for sensitive or sun-damaged skin.

Mask type: Cotton sheet soaked in watery essence

Fit: OK. A little small around the eyes.


  • Soothing? OK
  • Does it reduce redness? Yes
  • Ingredients? While I’m a huge fan of Green Tea anything, this mask only has 0.1% of green tea extract. Another thing that I didn’t love was Alcohol being the 4th ingredient. For someone who is pretty sensitive to alcohol, I was quite skeptical of this mask’s ability to soothe my skin, but luckily I didn’t experience any breakouts.
  • Pore tightening? Yes, but effects quite temporary
  • Balances skin? My skin felt less irritated after using this, so yes.

Suggested frequency of use: If this mask works for you, I’d suggest using when your skin is feeling irritated. As a regular mask, I don’t think it’s hydrating enough to add to your usual skincare regime.

Price: $9.90 for a box of 10 and $4.90 for a box of 5 on Shopee.

Rating: 3/5. There are masks out there with less alcohol that I will reach for in times of need! Will probably not repurchase.

4. Leaders Insolution: Amino AC-Free Mask

Product description: This daily calming mask contains a complex composed of 17 amino acid supplements combined with moisturising factors AHA and BHA. These active ingredients, together with Snail Secretion Filtrate, exfoliate and protect the skin while providing soothing comfort.


  • Soothing? Very!
  • Does it reduce redness? Yes. I used this on a day my skin was at an irritation peak. Cystic pimples and hives. It seriously calmed everything down immediately, and my cystic pimples and hives went down drastically the next day!
  • Ingredients? Lots of nice soothing extracts such as sugar maple extract, chamomile flower extract, snail secretion, and portulaca oleracea extract. This mask is also mineral oil/ silicon/ artificial pigment free.
  • Pore tightening? Yes, but temporary
  • Balances skin? Totally! This mask not only calmed my skin down, but the effects lasted for a few days after. Really strengthened my skin barrier.

Suggested frequency of use: It is supposed to be a daily mask, but I find it a bit heavy for that. Maybe 3 times a week for particularly troubled skin, and once a week for normal skin (as prevention).

Suitable for: Anyone with irritated and angry skin! I found this very moisturising too (probably with the addition of castor oil), so I would recommend this to anyone looking for a soothing,  hydrating mask too.

Price: $3.50 per piece at BHG aLT concept store Bugis Junction or Sephora; ~$13 for a bundle of 10 on Shopee.

Rating: 4/.5/5! Have already repurchased a box of these babies for my next skin emergency (choy).

5. Itibiti Yogurt Mask

Product description: A mask that contains yogurt and lactic acid bacteria fermented extract, which supply moisture and nutrition to tired skin, making your skin moist and smooth. It will help to take care of your skin, making it look softer and more flexible. Using lemon, pomegranate, and apple extract and adenoisine ingredients will improve wrinkles [sic].


  • Soothing? OK, feels soothing on.
  • Does it reduce redness? Yes.
  • Ingredients? I used this because my skin was feeling particularly sensitive, and I thought that using P50 might be a bad idea. So I skipped my usual acid regime, and slapped this on instead. The inclusion of 1,000 ppm of yogurt makes the mask very gently exfoliating.
  • Pore tightening? Yes!
  • Balances skin? Yes, to an extent. But this mask pack is more for nutrition and moisture than balancing.

Suggested frequency of use: 1-2 times a week (more if you want to use this to replace your acid regime).

Suitable for: Anyone with sensitive skin! However, if you already have an exfoliation regime, this mask won’t add much to your routine.

Price: $3.80 per piece on Shopee

Rating: 3/5. I won’t repurchase because I have found more moisturising masks. Also, I already have my own exfoliation regime, so I don’t need this mask for that. However, if you are looking for some very light and gentle exfoliation, this might work better for you!

And that’s all I have for today! If you are looking for even more sheet masks to try, check out my July sheet masks shakedown.

Until next time, glow hard or go home! Love,

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