[GO4GLOW Review]: Latest Korean Beauty trends: Are they worth the hype? (Splash masks, 7 skin method, cleansing sticks)

It’s no secret that Korea is owning it when it comes to the global beauty game.

In fact, they are so ahead and out there with some of the latest trends and products that it was hard for me to pick just 3 of their latest trends. (I’ll probably have to follow up with a few more posts to scratch the surface of what’s going on in KBeauty right now).

However, I’ve picked 3 products/ trends I’ve personally tried and can give my opinion on. We’ll be measuring the success of these products/ trends on some factors — delivery on promise, ease of use, and whether they’re just hype or the real deal.

1. Splash/ patting masks

What are they?: In-shower ‘masks’ that are liquid. They look more like essences/ toners, and contain exfoliating acids. Splash masks are a nod to the Korean bathhouse tradition of splashing botanical water onto the face after cleansing. Apparently the nutrients in the water, combined with the action of active patting (it’s more like a smacking), will invigorate and rejuvenate the skin.

Promise: Designed to cater to the modern woman on the go, splash masks promise all the effects of a proper 20 min sheet mask in 30 seconds – 1 minute. They promise to exfoliate, deep cleanse, moisturise, and balance out the pH of your skin.

How to use: Take your splash mask into the shower with you. After you’ve completed your (double) cleansing, pour out a capful of your splash mask onto your palm. Carefully mix some of your running water in, and then repeatedly ‘splash and pat’ the concoction onto your face under your running shower water.

You should end up mixing 1 part of your splash mask to about 10 parts water.

Blithe splash mask GO4GLOW
The very popular and hyped-about Blithe Splash Patting Mask — more of a mild exfoliator than a replacement for a sheet mask. Photo: Glow Recipe

What product I used: The very famous Blithe Splash Patting Mask in ‘Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey’.

So what happened? My skin felt softer, smoother, and looked brighter. However, I don’t think it can (or ever will) replace the benefits of committing a full 20 min sheet mask session. You can think of it as a mild exfoliant instead.

Ease of use: Since it’s an in-shower mask, I was really afraid that I would end up dropping the bottle and spilling the stuff everywhere. Had a few close shaves, so I would say it’s not that easy to use for clumsy people like me. Have read of some people mixing this with water and spraying it on their faces instead. Sounds like a better idea.

Hype or real deal? Hype. If you approach this as a mild exfoliant, then it’s worth a shot. However, people with sensitive skin should approach this one with caution.

2. The ‘7 Skin’ method

What is this? The act of applying your toner 7 times on your skin, instead of the usual single layer. The reason for this weird name is that in Korea, toners are often referred to as ‘skins’, hence 7 layers of skin.

Promise: An answer to the notoriously complex multi-step Korean beauty regimen, the 7 skin method promises to deliver intense hydration to your skin by using 1 product — a moisturising and nourishing toner. The 7 Skin method promises that you can ditch all your post-cleanser products in favour of using your favourite toner x 7.

How to use: After cleansing, keep your face slightly damp. Then start layering small amounts of your toner on your face (perhaps 3 drops of toner at a time). Repeat for a recommended number of 7 times. You can skip moisturiser after this if your skin feels hydrated enough.

Note: Please use a moisturising toner for this, not an astringent one. A good indication of this would be to avoid ingredients such as alcohol and witch hazel. If you use an astringent toner, you’re just drying out your skin 7 times in a row, which is a horrifying thought!

Recommended products include my beloved Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Toner and the Whamisa Deep Rich Toner.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
The beautiful Whamisa Deep Rich Toner — recommended for dry skin in serious need of moisture.

What product I used: My HG toner — the Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Toner, which is infused with hyaluronic acid and lovely botanical extracts such as aloe, centella, andalthaea rosea flower to soothe, calm, and hydrate skin. It’s light enough for my sensitive skin, but has enough body and hydration to really hydrate my dry skin.

So what happened? So, my skin is horribly dry. It gets so dry sometimes it flakes in places. I can only control this with regular exfoliation and religious moisturising.

When I tried out the 7 Skin method for the first time, I was overzealous and went in with 7 layers at once. Sadly, I broke out the next day. So do take note: if you’re trying this out for the first time (and have sensitive skin), try going in with 2-3 layers to start with, and then increase the layers gradually. Your skin will thank you for your patience!

Ease of use: Easy. It cuts down the number of products you have to use, and it’s just repeating the same step over and over again. However, for a skincare addict like myself, it can get a little boring using the same product over and over, even if it is for 7 horcrux times.

Hype or real deal? Real deal. I recommend this to people with dry skin. It’s often said that if you have dry skin, you shouldn’t try to tackle it with a giant glob of heavy cream — instead, you should patiently layer on thin (but multiple) layers of moisture. That way, your skin is able to absorb the moisture better and retain it more effectively too.

3. Cleansing sticks

What are they? Exactly what they sound like — facial cleansers in solid stick form. They usually come with additional ‘bits’ of plant/flowers stuck in too, probably to add a sense of luxe. Though marketing for these sticks claim that these ‘bits’ are for exfoliating purposes, I don’t notice any exfoliating benefits from rubbing bits of green tea or rose petals on my face.

Promise: Cleansing sticks promise to deliver a cleanser in a solid, travel-friendly form. Basically, to replace your 2nd step cleanser.

How to use: Rub your cleansing stick over your wet face, massage in, and wash off.

What product I used: Another cult KBeauty classic — the Su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick. At a skin-friendly pH of 6.0, it’s a great non-irritating cleanser for sensitive skin.

Special note: “Sum” in Korean means “ferment”, and “37” refers to the temperature at which they ferment their ingredients. Su:m37 uses fermented plants and flowers in their formulas. This is great for your skin because fermented ingredients have been broken down into simpler molecules, making for much easier skin absorption.

The ever HG su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick that I will repurchase over and over again. Photo: ohthatsuzie

I love love love my Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick SO MUCH. It looks beautiful, foams beautifully, leaves my skin silky soft, and oh did I mention.. it smells like roses steeped in milk?

Even more than that, this Su:m37 (they seriously do no wrong) stick doubles up as a first step oil cleanser too, so it can be used twice for double cleansing in a pinch.

Ease of use: No problem at all. I would say my cleansing stick is even easier to use than a gel cleanser. Best of all, it can be easily carried around.

Hype or real deal? The Su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick is the real deal. 500 glowing stars. If you’re looking for your next cleanser, this is it.

What are some new beauty trends you’re into, or would like to hear about? Hit me up in the comments below!

In the meantime, check out my review on another much-hyped cult Kbeauty product: the Son & Park Beauty Water.

Until next time! Much love,

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