[GO4GLOW REVIEW]: Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask hydrates & soothes dry/ sensitive skin!

With a tagline of ‘simple, but enough’, Klairs is a hot brand in Korea right now, and especially popular among those with sensitive skin. I especially love their Supple Preparation Toner (review coming up soon!), and decided to check out another one of their most coveted products — the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask.

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Dear Klairs, you say all the right things. But can you keep your promises? 

Description: Each 23ml mask comes with half a bottle of essence, which already sounds very promising in terms of delivering moisture. On top of that, Klairs promises no irritation to even the most sensitive of skins with this mask.

What I personally love most about Klairs though, is its eco-friendly and no animal testing mandate! Their products also contain no parabens or alcohol, making it even safer for sensitive skin to use. 

GO4GLOW Review: This is definitely one of the sheet masks I find myself reaching for on drier/ sensitive/ rosacea-prone days. It is incredibly soothing on and I find it reduces a fair bit of redness on my face. After removing the mask, I find my face softer, more hydrated, and brighter.

To elaborate on the hydration point, after massaging the remaining essence into my skin, I clocked a 61.7% (face) and 55.5% (cheeks) moisture on my digital skin analyser, which comes up to an average 15% increase in moisture! Not too shabby at all.

Even though it’s hydrating, the Klair’s Rich Moist Soothing Mask is not too strong or intense, which makes it quite suitable for frequent (even everyday) use. It doesn’t leave a tacky or sticky film behind, and the essence gets absorbed very easily while the mask is still on. I like its material — 100% cotton — which is soft, thin, and adheres well to the face.

Ingredients: As mentioned above, no alcohol or parabens. Most of the ingredients are green-flagged on cosDNA, and only Butylene Glycol raised a 1 as a potential acne trigger.

How to use: After your cleansing, toning, essences, serums, and just before your last skincare step (moisturiser or sleeping mask). Leave on for 15 – 20 minutes (no longer than this, because this mask will dry up after the 20 minute mark), and then gently tap in the remaining essence onto your skin. Follow with moisturiser or sleeping mask.

Special tip: This mask absorbs so well that you can even use this in the morning for that “I slept for 10 full hours and wasn’t out drinking last night” glow, because makeup goes on like a dream on top of this.

Fragrance: Very slight.

Suitable for: Irritated/ dry/ sensitive skin, combination skin, skin suffering from acne or breakouts. I also recommend this for people starting out with sheet masks, as it’s very safe to use and won’t leave any alarming residual tackiness behind. 

Where to buy: ~USD$1.50 per mask on Wishtrend (bulk buy discount); ~USD$2 SokoGlam; SGD$10 for a pack of 5 on Shopee.

GO4GLOW rating: 4/5 

Rating scale:
1/5: No no no; this product needs to be recalled as it can’t even fulfil its primary claim.
2/5: Caused problems; I wouldn’t even give this away so as not to inflict the pain on someone else.
3/5: OK but nothing amazing; I might give this away to see if it works better for someone else.
4/5: Pretty good! I will continue to repurchase if I don’t find anything better.
5/5: YOU GLOW GIRL! HG status; I will not give this up unless it’s discontinued.

Suffering from irritated skin? Find out what else I like to do to calm my skin down.

I’ll be back with more flash reviews of sheet masks. Until then, keep glowing!


    1. Hi Maggie! It is quite light and gentle, perfect for sensitive skin 🙂 Are you looking for super hydration though? Because there are more intensely hydrating masks out there 🙂

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