[Review]: Is Son & Park Beauty Water worth the hype? + my favourite ways to use it

Oh, Son & Park beauty water. If I had to bring one skincare product along to a desert island, this would probably be it. I keep bottles of this as ‘backup’. I have tiny travel versions of this in my bag and in my office. The thought of running out of this sends shivers down my spine. So, I decided to review it to convert more of you out there.

The lowdown on Son & Park Beauty Water
This is a multi-tasking product, which is pretty rare for KBeauty skincare (where each product has a specific purpose and specific order in a long regime). Beauty Water is a cleansing water, toner, and mild exfoliant all in one, and is a product that has already launched a million reddit threads.

Originally created by famous makeup artists Son & Park to create a smooth canvas for makeup application, Beauty Water has quickly achieved cult status among other makeup artists and home users alike.

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The beautiful minimalistic packaging of Son & Park Beauty Water. Pls note it’s not this foamy, I just shook it up before taking this photo so that the words on the bottle would be more visible.

What is in Son & Park Beauty Water?
Beauty water contains willow bark and papaya extract to help in exfoliation, getting rid of dead skin cells to reveal smoother and brighter skin beneath. It contains a lot of other fruit and water extracts (rose flower water, orange extract, lavender) to add hydration and moisture back into your skin, prepping your skin for your next skincare steps.

Full ingredient list and COSDNA analysis on triggers can be found here.

How do I use my Son & Park Beauty Water?
As a cleansing water: Shake out a generous amount onto a cotton pad, and swipe on your face to remove makeup before you head to the gym. On days that I feel lazy to wash my face (esp on weekends), I like to use this in lieu of washing my face. It leaves a lovely dewy glow on my skin, and doesn’t feel tight at all! In fact, it’s really moisturising and soothing. And at a PH of 4.5, it is a great acid mantle-loving product. 

Special note: How does this fit into the double cleansing + Korean 10 step routine, you might ask? Well, some days when I use cleansing water before exercise, I still come home at night and double cleanse, effectively making it a triple cleanse day.

As a toner: After double cleansing, apply Beauty Water either with a cotton pad, or by patting onto your face directly. If you go with the former, you’ll be shocked to see traces of dirt and makeup coming off even after double cleansing (this is normal).

I especially like that this is a mild exfoliant, so on days that my skin is irritated from previous nights of over-zealous acid exfoliating, this is a perfect toner that both soothes and provides mild exfoliating to keep my pores and dull skin in check.

As a base for makeup: This is especially useful for those of you who want to redo your makeup before going out again. Either wipe off your makeup using a cotton pad soaked in Beauty Water, or transfer some into a mist bottle, mist it all over your face, and then pat it off with tissue. You’ll find it leaves your skin supple, dewy, and ready for more makeup.

As a mist throughout the day: Yup, this works as a mist too. Use throughout the day to balance out your skin and replenish moisture. Just be careful if you’re wearing makeup — since this is a cleansing water, if you spray on too much it might cause your makeup to slide a little.

It’s beautiful! As you can see, it’s a minimalistic frosted plastic bottle that anyone would be proud to have on their vanity. It comes in a very generous and reasonably-priced 340ml bottle, and the plastic makes it easy for you to ‘grip’ the bottle when you’re using it, with minimum risk of dropping it. No complaints about packaging.

Total HG status, plus at such a reasonable price? There’s nothing more to be said — just get out there and buy it for yourself (see where to buy below)!

GO4GLOW rating: 5/5 

Rating scale:
1/5: No no no; this product needs to be recalled as it can’t even fulfil its primary claim.
2/5: Caused problems; I wouldn’t even give this away so as not to inflict the pain on someone else.
3/5: OK but nothing amazing; I might give this away to see if it works better for someone else.
4/5: Pretty good! I will continue to repurchase if I don’t find anything better.
5/5: YOU GLOW GIRL! HG status; I will not give this up unless it’s discontinued.

Where to buy (and you should totally be buying this) 

  • Shopee, $24.50 for 340ml, buy here
  • Lazada, $22.90 for 340ml, $32 for 500ml, buy here
  • SokoGlam, USD30 for 340ml, buy here

*This post contains no affiliate links and isn’t sponsored. I bought the product myself and reviewed it out of pure love.

What do you think of Son & Park Beauty Water? Do you have any favourite HG products, or would you like me to review anything you’re interested in? Let me know in the comments below!

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