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[GO4GLOW:] Bye bye blackheads with your new life-changing skincare routine, featuring BHAs and AHAs!

I don’t know about you, but I’m done with painful manual extractions, dry AF clay masks, and those damn nose patches that always seem to pull out a bit of skin. Chemical exfoliation is where it’s at — especially when done right. Check out my 4 easy as pie steps to clear, glowing skin. Science, bitch!

[GO4GLOW ALL STAR]: Nighttime glow routine, featuring REN, Sulwhasoo, Klairs, Whamisa, and organic skincare 5 star reviews! <3

My nighttime skincare routine is all about calming my skin down after a stressful day, giving it ultimate hydration, and making it glow. In this post I share my best all-stars products for ultimate glowing skin that lasts all night and the next day too! ❤

[GO4GLOW Vitamin C spotlight]: The only 5 things you will ever need to heal your acne scars

When used consistently, Vitamin C can protect your skin from UV damage and pollution, brighten your skin tone, prevent the signs of ageing, and most importantly, speed up healing majorly. If you’re looking to heal any scars — recent or old — then I have some great Vitamin C (and beyond) recommendations for you!

[GO4GLOW]: Sheet mask shakedown: Sensitive/ irritated skin edition! Featuring For Beloved Girl, Shangpree and Leaders

Do you find your skin getting irritated from heat, exercise sweat, humidity, or pore-clogging products? I’ll make room for you on the boat. I’ve also tried out a bunch of sheet masks to see how effective they are in combating acne/ redness/ irritation and sensitivity in skin. Check it out here!

[GO4GLOW Review]: The indie Korean ‘makeup gripper’ that’s gripping women everywhere – J.One Jelly Pack and Sleeping Mask

The J.One Jelly Pack will leave you with soothed and bouncy skin, with a finish that is so dewy it’s shiny. If you’re looking to shortcut your way into dewy, healthy, and youthful skin, this is the way to go! And what did I think of the sleeping mask version of this baby? Find out here!

3 most famous cult/ indie skincare products from around the globe and their film soulmates: Hype or real deal? P50, Shark Sauce, and Moisture surge

What do Lotion P50 and Pulp Fiction have in common? And what similarities do Shark Sauce and Spinal Tap share? Find out in this GO4GLOW cult skincare/ cult movies feature! Spoiler alert: 2 of these products really turn it up to 11.

[GO4GLOW Spotlight]: New Indie brand Skylake is hanbang heaven if you’re looking for natural/ clean skincare

Check out my new fav Skylake, boasting products that contain a blend of 18 oriental herbs that promise to promote blood circulation, nourish, disinfect, soothe, purify and strengthen the skin. Many of these ingredients are antioxidants as well!

[GO4GLOW Spotlight]: Dull skin, listen up, there’s a new acid from Korea in town + Review of CNP Invisible Peeling Booster with PHA

All about AHAs, BHAs, and the new acid to solve your dull, flakey woes — PHA. Also a perfect starter product to maintain clean, translucent, baby soft skin — the CNP Invisible Peeling Booster.

[GO4GLOW Spotlight]: Why you need to add roses to your skincare regime now, and 5 ways to start with rosewater and rosehip seed oil

Known for their soothing antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties, roses are a popular ingredient in anti-ageing/ acne-treating skincare. Find out how roses will help your skin achieve that elusive glow, and how to incorporate rose skincare products into your regime today!

[GO4GLOW Spotlight]: All about essences, serums, ampoules and what to choose for your skin (Hyaluronic acid, snail mucin, propolis, Vitamin C, niacinamide)

Confused about how essences/ serums/ ampoules work, and how to choose one for yourself? Let’s break down 5 ingredients to look out for, and what they can do for your skin.